About the blog


Welcome to the blog and thank you for visiting, I hope you find some of the topics interesting or useful.

This blog was started as a side project that eventually got published. The purpose of me creating it was learning more about Flask and backend development in general.

The software

The software that powers the blog was written by myself, most of it was done by following this incredibly detailed and well written guide, with some extras and tweaks added afterwards. The Flask Mega-Tutorial Part I: Hello, World!

Lots of thank you's to Miguel Grinberg and his blog for being an incredible resource for all things Flask. Follow his blog here: Miguel Grinberg

The topics

The articles that will be posted here will be focused on programming, general how-to's, some of my thoughts and maybe some articles about music creation and reviews.

About me

My name is Horia. I'm a QA Automation Specialist that tinkers with software development. My side interests revolve around music, music creation and working on software that facilities these. I play the ukulele to a level that is only slightly annoying for those listening and been slowly falling in love with playing the bass.

I was born and raised in Romania having spent most of my adult life in Cluj-Napoca and since 2018 been living in Helsinki.

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Horia's Blog

Welcome to my blog! On here you will find random tech articles containing information about things i've learned while working, and other random stuff, enjoy.


You can find me on GitHub, or via email at: hg_hel@pm.me

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!